When the facts just don't add up.

Lying, Tiger, and Beers…Oh, my! 11/30/2009

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     I was chillaxin’ with a beer after a long weekend of stuffing my face with overcooked meat, cheap carbs, and enough sugar to send a classroom full of kindergartners into a diabetic coma when I heard about Tiger Woods’ single car accident during a football game.  Since then, a number of interesting “facts” have come to light about said accident, many of them already refuted by the parties that were supposedly involved. 

     I can’t say that people are being unfair.  This is the generation that heard then-president, Bill Clinton vehemently deny an affair only to later admit to the affair AND the cover up.  Just last month, balloon maker/inventor dad/really good actor Richard Henne confessed to a hoax so poorly planned and executed even his five year old son knew it was bullshit. 

     It’s a sad state of mistrust that has affected us all, but at what point do we look at ourselves in the mirror, stare ourselves straight in the eye, and admit what we already know to be true…we love it!  We love being lied to so much, we’re unwilling to accept the truth or leave any stone unturned when it comes to the people we idolize.  We can’t take anything at face value.  

     I keep hearing about how the public deserves an answer, and I say, “No!  They don’t.”   There’s a difference between being curious and having a right to know.  One commentator actually said Tiger should expect this kind of scrutiny when you have a public marriage.  I’d argue that Tiger has gone to great pains to keep his marriage out of the spotlight.

     I’ve also heard people say Tiger should be held responsible to the millions of people that have bought products based on his endorsements.  They claim his revenue generating ventures make him appear perfect, idyllic, quasi-godlike.  Maybe that’s true, but I have yet to see a Nike commercial where Tiger says you should model your marriage after his, or raise your kids like he raises his.  I think we should all strive to be like Tiger…on the golf course. 

     Also, pundits are accusing Tiger of acting as if he’s above the law due to his fame and fortune.  As far as any of us know, he hasn’t lied about a single thing.  How do we know that?  Because he hasn’t said ANYTHING!  And that’s his right.  He’s not required by law to incriminate himself in any way.  He’s not even required to talk to the police about the incident.  He’s only required to show his driver’s license and proof of insurance.  He’s done that…so let it go!


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